Entry conditions

Entering from Ukraine


Who can enter from Ukraine?

- Ukrainian citizens

- Hungarian citizens

- Third-country nationals legally residing in Ukraine


What documents are required?

- Passport is not required for entry into Hungary

- Any document proving your identity


documents proving the legality of stay in Ukraine

- A humanitarian corridor will be opened for citizens of India, Iran, Ecuador, Israel, Zimbabwe, Maldives, Mongolia, Jordan, who will be able to enter Hungary from Ukraine without a visa and will be transferred to the nearest international airport


What is a temporary protection and who can get it?

This protection applies to those who are Ukrainian citizens and are fleeing from Ukraine to Hungary. It also applies to those who, although not Ukrainian citizens, were legally staying in Ukraine (e.g. with a Ukrainian residence permit or visa). They will now also benefit from Hungary's protection.

Application for protection can be submitted in Hungary. A procedure is then started and must be completed by the asylum authority in 45 days. Applicants for protection have to show that they are a Ukrainian citizen or a non-Ukrainian citizen who has been legally staying in Ukraine. The easiest way to do this is to show documents. However, those who come without documents can also have this protection - but they will probably face a longer interview where the authorities will ask them in more detail about where they come from.