Country Information Gathering Mission to Kosovo under UNSCR 1244 (2011)

Geographical Coverage: Hungary, Kosovo under UNSCR 1244

Duration: 6 months (starting 1 Jan 2011)

Donor: EC Return Fund National Allocation for Hungary; the Government of Hungary

Status: Completed

Summary: Based on sixteen years of successful cooperation in the field, and making use of its global network of offices with extensive experience in implementing country of origin information projects, IOM Budapest through this project will enable the experts of Country of Origin Information Centre (COI) of the Hungarian Office of Immigration and Nationality (OIN), to gather country information in Kosovo (UNSCR 1244).This project is complementary to OIN’s last fact-finding mission (FFM) to Kosovo (UNSCR 1244) in 2009, while its subject of investigation will be the return and reintegration process of Kosovar returnees.