In-Depth Applied Research to Better Understand the Demand Side of Trafficking in Persons (AGIS 2005) (2005 - 2006)

Geographical Coverage: Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland

Duration: December 2005 – December 2006

Donor: European Commission – AGIS 2005

Status: Completed

Summary: This pilot project aimed to organize and carry out research on the demand side of trafficking and forced prostitution. In doing so, it constituted a paradigm shift moving the focus of attention away from the trafficked person and instead targeting the users of sexual services. This approach allowed the breaking men’s anonymity around their purchasing of sex acts in the hope of bringing about greater responsibility and accountability for men’s behaviour. In order to achieve this, the research enhanced the understanding of the dynamics of demand both by outlining the profile and motivations of users of forced sexual services, as well as by increasing overall knowledge on the subject. In addition to facilitating the further development of educational and awareness raising campaigns specifically targeting users and potential users of (forced) sexual services, it is hoped that the research carried out on demand dynamics will begin paving the way for sustainable rehabilitation programmes.