Development of a Common Return Best Practice Handbook for the EU and Candidate Countries (ARGO 2003) (2004 - 2005)

Geographical Coverage: Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Poland

Duration: December 2004 – November 2005

Donor: EC-ARGO fund

Status: Completed

Summary: The aim of the project was the promotion of best practices in the field of return among selected EU Member States and Candidate Countries. Two separate expert groups on Voluntary and Forced Return with participation of the governments of Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovak Republic as well as IOM representatives were organized. These two working groups worked in parallel in taking stock of the existing practices on voluntary return and forced return in their home countries. The outcome of the working groups was the publication of a Handbook with examples of best practice on how to optimally implement Voluntary Return and Forced Return, aiming also at clearly defining the border between these two activities at EU level.