Migrant Crisis in Europe - Support to Stranded Migrants in Hungary

Geographical Coverage: Hungary

Duration: July 2016 - October 2016

Donor: SlovakAid

Status: Completed

Budget: EUR 77,000

Summary: The project is designed to improve the conditions of migrants waiting in the transit zones and those who are in state-run migration facilities, with particular attention to detention centres through distributing the following non-food items: clothes, footwear, hygiene kits, blankets, sleeping bags, towels, cleaning supply for facilities, recreational items (card games, books etc.) and phone cards. These activities are complemented by an effort to improve flow monitoring data collection as part of IOM’s Early Warning Information Sharing Network. The project is implemented by IOM Budapest, in close coordination with the Office of Immigration and Nationality (OIN) and the Hungarian Police. OIN is the state agency responsible for registering and processing asylum claims and as such operates the transit zones, open reception centres and closed asylum detention centres, while the Police are in charge of border control and run alien policing detention centres.