Over the past 70 years, IOM has facilitated the dignified and safe transportation of millions of migrants around the globe. In 2019, IOM provided movement assistance to more than 225,000 people in 169 countries.

Movement assistance encompasses all resettlement and other forms of humanitarian admission; evacuations of vulnerable migrants, internally displaced persons and others; voluntary relocation, return and repatriation; and family reunification, as well as efforts for counter-trafficking and the protection of stranded migrants. Individuals and families are also assisted by IOM to return to their homes, relocate to safety, reunite with family members and migrate towards new opportunities.

Beyond transportation, IOM provides a range of health and integration support integral to the movement process – such as but not limited to case management and facilitating selection missions, pre-migration health activities and medical escorts during travel, provision of information and orientation about the destination country prior to departure as well as (re)integration assistance upon arrival.

Completed Projects