Combating Irregular Employment of Foreigners in the Enlarged EU (ARGO 2006) (2007 - 2008)

Geographical Coverage: Enlarged EU

Duration: April 1, 2007 - February 28, 2008

Donor: EC ARGO 2006

Status: Completed

Summary:  The project aimed to promote policies and schemes that support legal economic migration as the best alternative for both migrants and the EU and its Member States and as one of the important components of their sustained economic competitiveness.

The project  focused on both intra-EU movements i.e. from the ‘new’ EU Member States (which remain subject to transition periods in most of the ‘old’ Member States) and from the EU candidate countries and third countries, into the EU. The project aimed to provide policymakers and practitioners with updated knowledge on various forms of irregular employment of foreigners and its impact on the labour markets of the EU countries, and increased understanding of its potential for infringement on migrants’ rights and for their exploitation.

In addition, the project aimed to identify best measures taken both in sending and receiving countries to combat undocumented work of migrants and to facilitate administrative cooperation and information exchange among the participating countries. To these ends, national studies were carried out to assess irregular employment of foreigners and the legislative and enforcement practices applied by participating countries. The national research studies were presented at a two-day international conference and the reports and other final results compiled into a publication.

DownloadAddressing the Irregular Employment of Immigrants in the European Union: Between Sanctions and Rights (2008)