European Cooperation in Labour Migration: Search for Best Practices (ARGO 2005) (2006 - 2007)

Geographical Coverage: Europe

Duration: September 1, 2006 - November 30, 2007

Donor: EC ARGO 2005

Status: Completed

Summary: This research and policy development project studied labour migration in Europe from the viewpoint of three different types of countries. It assessed flows of migrant workers from third countries to EU Member States, and also from the new Central European Member States to Western Europe. The project assessed the current and prospective needs for labour in the participating countries; mapped out the current labour migration flows; analyzed how migration meets the interests of all involved countries; sought good practices of labour migration schemes; and studied needs for further interventions to make labour migration flows into the EU benefit all the countries and individuals involved. On the basis of national research studies, carried out in all participating countries, an international policy seminar was organized to discuss the current flows, and to provide a forum of exchange of interests and concerns by countries in different situations in the EU and its neighbourhoods, in order to improve coordination and cooperation among the member states in their Labour migration policies and practices.

Download: Permanent or circular migration? Policy Choices to Address Demographic Decline and Labour Shortages in Europe (2008)