Through the Integration and Migrant Training unit (IMT), as part of Labour Mobility and Human Development Division (LHD), the International Organization for Migration (IOM) works on a comprehensive and whole-of-society approach to migrant integration to ensure that migrants are prepared before their departure and upon their arrival, allowing them to successfully integrate in their host societies.

IOM offers technical and thematic support to beneficiaries and stakeholders such as internal IOM staff, Member States, private sector, local authorities and civil society organizations through trainings, workshops, advisory services, and other capacity-building initiatives, drawing on a range of integration models and best practices gained through field experience.

It also manages and oversees global and regional initiatives on migrant integration and training, as well as the development of measurement tools and assessment studies to capture the multidimensional integration outcomes of migrants.

IOM’s global programming on migrant integration and training maintains strong ties with various State-led processes, UN agencies and a wide range of stakeholders who are active and reputed in the field of migration management.

Completed Projects