Art'e Art Platform - Social Inclusion Programmes for Ukrainian Refugees with the NGO Unity

Six months have passed since the Art'e Art Platform was born. During this time, its activities have gained considerable momentum, bringing together about 300 Ukrainians who enjoy attending various classes and are sincerely grateful for the opportunity to touch the beautiful, to be a part of the creative process and to develop their creative abilities.The Art'e Art Platform is a space that unites creative people, artists, and everyone who is not indifferent to art, music, theater and cinema.The main goal of the activity is to help Ukrainians who have been forced to move to Budapest find their social circle through activities for the soul, relaxation and creative expression.

As of the end of July 2023, the Art Platform unites the following:

  • Art Meditation Studio with Halyna Shevchuk (regular classes on Thursdays for adults); 
  • Watercolor Sketching for Beginners with Olena Huz (regular classes on Tuesdays for adults); 
  • Nadiia Art Therapy Studio with Nadiya Lebedieva (regular classes on Saturdays for adults); 
  • "Palette" Children's Art Studio with Victoria Kryzhanovska (regular classes on Thursdays for children from 7 years old); 
  • Painting and Creative Art Course with Yelyzaveta Akhrymenko (regular classes on Saturdays for adults); 
  • "Shpak" Acting Development Studio with Andriy Gubin (regular classes on Fridays for adults);
  • Ukrainian Film Club with Andriy Hubin (screenings of Ukrainian films on Thursdays for adults);
  • AliYoga Studio with Alina Maksymenko (regular classes on Saturdays for adults);
  • "Power of Make Up" makeup course with Victoria Scholz (classes on an irregular basis);
  • Embroidery Course with Yaroslava Lopit (classes on an irregular basis); and
  • Jewelry and Accessories Creation with Olga Gre and Lyuba Dymko (classes on an irregular basis). 

The journey of a refugee can be arduous, and the mental, emotional and physical strain great. Social inclusion and integration activities such as those offered by Unity and IOM's other implementing partners such as Menedék and the Food Bank Aid Foundation play important roles alleviating trauma, building community, and rebuilding lives.

Art'e Art Platform activities are funded by the Government of Japan.

SDG 3 - Good Health and Well Being
SDG 4 - Quality Education