Safe Employment Opportunities for Foreigners Legally Residing in Hungary
25 November 2023 I 10:00-15:00
Dévai Fogadó, Dévai u. 11, 1134 Budapest

Are foreigner legally residing in Hungary but experiencing difficulties accessing the Hungarian job market? Organisations committed to supporting foreigners will connect people to  major companies in Hungary. Our priority is assisting people to find safe employment and decent work. There is no entry fee and all meetings and services are free of charge.

  • Meet employers and recruiting agencies on site who will have stalls providing information about their work, the job opportunities, additional services they offer, and their hiring process; 
  • Some employers will conduct recruitment on the spot or start their hiring process; 
  • Join in-person and online (streamed) presentations by employers, NGOs and other organizations supporting access to the labour market; 
  • IOM CV corner - get personal professional advice on your CV; and 
  • Join expert workshops on career development and labour rights in Hungary such as Menedek’s Safe Employment Workshop on labour rights and prevention of labour exploitation.

Some of the companies you can meet include employers that operate country-wide or in areas that are intensely populated by refugees, other displaced people or third-country nationals. Invited employers operate in the retail (grocery chains), manufacturing, construction, hospitality and tourism, and public (municipal services such as waste management, gardening and landscaping) sectors; as well as HR / employment agencies. For example:

  • BCG Boston Consulting Group Esély Magyarországon programme
  • Lidl (retail – grocery) 
  • Continental AG (manufacturing – vehicles) 
  • WHC (HR/employment agency) 
  • Randstad (HR/employment agency) 
  • Man at Work (HR agency) 
  • Fort Facility Ltd. (cleaning) 
  • Bosch (manufacturing)

Interpretation in Ukrainian, Russian, English and Hungarian will be available on the spot.


12.30-13.00    Boston Consulting Group
13.00-13.30    Randstad
13.30-14.00    Man-at-work 
14.00-14.30    Work Force
14.30-15.00    WHC
15.00-15.30    Lidl 
13.00-15.30    Menedék Workshop on Safe Employment

Children’s room available so that you can meet with employers and recruiters more easily.

The Job Fair is organized and funded as part of the Enhancing Social Inclusion Opportunities for Displaced People Fleeing Ukraine project (MMIA-2.2.15/17-2023-00003; running between 1 SEPT-31 DEC 2023 with a total funding of HUF 120,440,693) co-financed by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union (75%) and the Hungarian Ministry of Interior (25%).



SDG 10 - Reduced Inequalities
SDG 1 - No Poverty