Rights of Ukrainian Refugees to Hungarian Health Care

Ukrainian Refugees in Hungary have rights to different health care services depending on their status

As a citizen of Ukraine in possession of a valid Ukrainian travel document, and who is temporarily staying in Hungary, you can receive medical treatment, specialized medical assistance, medicine, care in a hospital and medical institution, medical assistance devices, and urgent replacement or repair of medical assistance devices, in connection with an acute illness and in case of urgent need. Decisions concerning urgency and specific treatments or medical interventions are exclusively within the competence of the doctor of the relevant health care institution. 
What types of treatments are you entitled to with Temporary Protection? 
•    primary medical care, examination and treatment provided by general practitioners - family doctors; 
•    for urgent specialized outpatient assistance - examination and treatment, as well as medical assistance devices if necessary; 
•    inpatient care and treatment prescribed by a doctor, including urgent surgery, prosthetic devices, medicine, and food while a resident in the medical facility; 
•    examination and treatment necessary to recover from an illness or to stabilize the condition, as well as medicine and medical devices for the administration of medicine after specialized outpatient care or inpatient treatment; 
•    other medical aids prescribed by a doctor and the use of such aids; 
•    emergency dental care and treatment to save teeth, provided that the treatment is provided under the lowest reimbursement category; 
•    prenatal care and midwifery care, as well as, under the conditions stipulated by the Law on Protection of the Life of the Fetus, intervention for the purpose of terminating a pregnancy, or for consultations of the Family Protection Service and submitting an application for the termination of pregnancy; medicinal products subject to taxation under the 50%, 70% or 90% social insurance contribution under "health care contribution," or 100% of the social insurance contribution under the "provision of medical care" as provided by special legislation; 
•    transportation if transportation cannot be organized otherwise due to the patient's state of health; 
•    mandatory vaccinations according to their age. 
If you have not received Temporary Protection Status, but rather Tolerated Status (befogadott), then you are not insured under the Hungarian social security scheme. Tolerated Status gives you the right to stay in Hungary for one year and the right to receive limited medical care (for this you need to register with a general practitioner) without state social insurance. You are still entitled to the following medical services: 
•    treatment by a general practitioner; 
•    emergency care; 
•    mandatory vaccinations; and
•    certain health care services related to epidemics.1  

If you become ill and are in need of urgent medical assistance, then you are eligible for medical and specialized treatment, medicine, care in a hospital or medical facility, and medical equipment and its urgent replacement or repair. An “urgent need” is defined as a change in health that, in the absence of immediate medical care, would place the patient in immediate danger of death or serious or permanent harm (for example: childbirth, appendicitis, heart attack, etc.). 

Requesting Your Social Insurance Card (TAJ)
For those coming from Ukraine, there are several possible ways to apply for a TAJ card:
•    Hungarian citizens who reside in Ukraine and have a residence address in Hungary or a temporary residence address, can request a TAJ card for themselves at a Government Customer Service Office (Kormányablak). If you need interpretation assistance for this in Budapest, book an appointment with IOM Hungary’s free interpretation service (Ukrainian, Russian, English, Hungarian);
•    Hungarian citizens residing in Ukraine who do not have a Hungarian address, as well as those who have a residence permit (e.g. employment, residence permit, study permit) for foreigners pursuant to Governmental Regulation 217/1997 (XII. 1.), your employer or educational institution may apply for a TAJ card on your behalf;
•    A Ukrainian citizen with a residence permit for the purpose of studying at a Hungarian public school, vocational school or higher education institution; or a Ukrainian citizen under 18 years of age residing here for temporary or long-term study under the guardianship of a home, person or institution, the school or guardian may request a TAJ card on your behalf.

1 Asylum Impl. Decree, Section 44, Paras. (3)-(7) (For the characteristics of the tolerated status see point 1.) (i.e.

Information provided by the Hungarian Government to Hungarian general practitioners who provide assistance to persons crossing the Ukrainian-Hungarian border 

Dear family doctor, pediatrician, primary care dentist! 
If an asylum seeker or a person from Ukraine who applied for Temporary Protection (TP), or a citizen of Hungary who permanently resides in Ukraine and arrived from Ukraine on or after February 24, 2022, applies for treatment at your clinic, please do the following:
•    Persons with a temporary residence permit, persons who applied for a temporary residence permit and citizens of Hungary who permanently reside in Ukraine and arrived from Ukraine on or after February 24, 2022, have the right to receive medical care under the same conditions as asylum seekers from Ukraine.  
•    Ask if the patient has documents confirming Temporary Protection or a statement about Temporary Protection. If not, and if the relevant person is not a citizen of Hungary with permanent residence in Ukraine, who arrived from Ukraine on or after February 24, 2022, and can provide documentary evidence of this, please remind the patient of the need to submit an application for asylum status to the local authority self-government which will give him/her access to a wider range of Hungarian medical care. Those persons who entered Hungary on or after February 24, 2022 and have not yet submitted an application for temporary protection within 30 days from the date of entry to Hungary are still eligible for examination and treatment within the framework of care for chronic patients, as well as some social services and oncological treatment. In addition, the price subsidy applies to certain social security services, specialized oncological care, other care for chronic patients, as well as medicine that can be used to restore, improve or preserve health; or relieve pain as part of basic medical care. The prescription of the medicinal product must be documented in the EESZT (Electronic Medical Service Space). Instead of the TAJ number (social insurance number), the number of the document certifying Temporary Protection or application for Temporary Protection, or in its absence, the number of the registration card issued upon entry, or passport number should be entered. 
•    If neither the patient nor the people around them can communicate in the language you know at the required level, you can also call 1812 to get the services of an interpreter in the shortest possible time. 

Detailed instructions on the process are attached to my letter. 
Budapest, "..." March 2022 

Thank you for your cooperation, best regards:  
Prof. Dr. Miklos Kasler 
Minister of Human Resources 

SDG 3 - Good Health and Well Being